Welcome to Indianapolis

Indianapolis is an under-explored city that will pique editors’ interest and generate countless story ideas.

A city with more than $3 billion in new tourism products – all within a day’s drive of more than 50 percent of the nation’s population.

A city that annually hosts the largest single-day sporting event in the world – but there’s much more than race cars. A super city that set a new standard for hosting the Super Bowl in 2012.

A destination that’s home to the world’s largest children’s museum – but there’s much more than museums.

A destination replete with hidden cultural enclaves, fascinating people to profile and more than 200 restaurants and 50 unique attractions all within walking distance of your downtown host hotel.

A place where fall foliage will be exploding during your convention. A place offering pre and post tours taking us off the beaten path and off the guidebook.

Let’s rediscover the Heartland.

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